UserScripts are small little pieces of code (javascript) that your browser can inject into webpages to make changes after the page is loaded. They are usually improvements written by people who are not affiliated with the website by any means. Like me.

How to Install UserScripts

  1. Install the Firefox add-on Greasemonkey.
  2. Click the download button for any of my scripts.
  3. A window will pop up asking you to confirm, click install.
  4. You can enable / disable specific scripts by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the greasemonkey icon in your toolbar. Make sure the scripts you want have a checkbox next to them. You will only see scripts in the drop down that apply to the current webpage.
  5. Now when you browse the web page, the changes should happen automatically, you don’t need to restart, but you do need to refresh the webpage.

There is a Chrome add-on for userscripts called Tampermonkey, but it does not support the @require feature which I use in my scripts, so without modification, I don’t believe they will work.

PixelJoint User Scripts

Scripts for

PixelJoint More Emotes

Pixeljoint More Emotes Userscript*

The script you’ve been waiting for! This adds more emotes for you to use anywhere on PJ. Over 350 new emotes from 8 artists, and the originals are still available as well.

*please do not use this many emotes, we’ll stop liking you

Download PixelJoint More Emotes UserScript

PixelJoint Better Rating Buttons

PixelJoint Better Rating Buttons UserScript

This script adds bigger, prettier, better rating buttons. I’ve restyled them as stars. They are easier to see, easier to click, and are filled with super pixel art goodness.

Download PixelJoint Better Rating Buttons UserScript

PixelJoint Big Random Button

PixelJoint Big Random Button UserScript

This script adds a button right below the ratings on a piece that when clicked, will bring you to another random piece. Great for seeing old, unfound treasures or getting your rating count up.

Download PixelJoint Big Random Button UserScript

PixelJoint Big Piece Scrollbars

PixelJoint Big Piece Scrollbars UserScript

This script adds scrollbars to all pixel joint pieces, including pieces that are too big normally, and pieces that have been zoomed using the zoom button. No more getting cut off! Suggested by Manupix.

Download PixelJoint Big Piece Scrollbars UserScript

Pixeljoint Inspector Userscript

This script adds a link to inspect any piece on PixelJoint using Yanrishatum‘s PJ Image Specs tool. Let’s you see individual colors, animations, and other info about the piece. Suggested by Jinn.

Download PixelJoint Inspector Link UserScript