2015 Web Design Case Study

So here is just a quick case study going over everything that went into making this site. The goal of this website was to create something very simple and professional, where I can practice my blogging and SEO techniques, while having an outlet for all my projects.


I decided to build the site as a WordPress site. The reason for this is to have an easier management of SEO’d content that would require less coding. I wanted to focus on content, and not rolling my own PHP backend.

And while it makes getting everything set up semi-nightmarish, once it is, writing new content is a breeze, and there are many invaluable plugins. It also makes quick changes to the design much easier.

Mobile Responsive

This was my first attempt at building a responsive site. I didn’t build mobile first, just because it would have been harder to visualize, but I may try that the next time. It’s done mostly by css media queries. It uses a little javascript on the mobile version where it has a menu that you can open and close.

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Old Endings (And One New Beginning)

I have once again redone my website, hopefully the last redesign for a while. Each time there’s a slightly different purpose. I could write a wall of text telling you about it, but instead I’ll just show you every past website design I’ve gone through, so we can laugh at them together. (2007)

That’s right, before I had my own website, I started on freewebs. Which was quite fitting for the quality of the site. Keep in mind I was a sophomore in high school at this time.

There was essentially no useful information or reason to go there. And check out the design: Website Layout 2007

Yup, it was just that, on a white background. I had just started learning to use Photoshop CS2, so I whipped up this flashy design and put together a website. Yes, the font on the buttons is the one from Yahoo’s logo.

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