2015 Web Design Case Study

So here is just a quick case study going over everything that went into making this site. The goal of this website was to create something very simple and professional, where I can practice my blogging and SEO techniques, while having an outlet for all my projects.


I decided to build the site as a WordPress site. The reason for this is to have an easier management of SEO’d content that would require less coding. I wanted to focus on content, and not rolling my own PHP backend.

And while it makes getting everything set up semi-nightmarish, once it is, writing new content is a breeze, and there are many invaluable plugins. It also makes quick changes to the design much easier.

Mobile Responsive

This was my first attempt at building a responsive site. I didn’t build mobile first, just because it would have been harder to visualize, but I may try that the next time. It’s done mostly by css media queries. It uses a little javascript on the mobile version where it has a menu that you can open and close.

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