New Pixel Font, Generators, and Other Site Updates

Just wanted to make a post highlighting some things I’ve added to my website.

First, I just released a new pixel font called Thintel. You can download it over on my fonts page, and read a little more about it. As with all my other fonts, it’s 100% free. It should be added to my DaFont profile soon.

I added a new page to host some name generators that I created, most recently the forest name generator. They were a blast to make, and look forward to making more in the future.

I’ve updated my pixel art gallery with some new pieces. Unfortunately I couldn’t add my abandoned church dungeon piece because… it’s too big…

So that’s it for now, to get updates on all my projects, you can follow me in a few different ways (links in the sidebar). The best seems to be Twitter, feel free to drop me an @.